Sunday, April 3, 2011


For my 40th birthday my sister, who shares the birthday with me, arranged to have my family meet me at Jungle Jim's for the day because she knows what a Foodie I am. My whole family has an appreciation for good and wholesome food thanks to my mother, so they, like me, were more than happy to explore the world of new and fabulous foods.

And since I'm a sharer, I'm sharing the fun with you!

So, we start with the Dragon Fruit. Looks like a kiwi, doesn't it? It cost $6.00 for this one big guy but I didn't care...I needed to experience the flavor. It claims the flavor of a kiwi/pear combo with a sweet and crunchy texture, but the one I tasted was very mild. Very pleasant, but very mild. It has a very high water content and is high in Vitamin C.

They recommend removing it easily from the skin, cutting it up and placing it back in the skin for serving purposes, which is adorable. If served at a party, it would definitely be the most unique and talked about entree'!

Passion fruit is one of my favorite flavors! The sweet tartness of the seeded syrup makes my toes curl in a happy way. It's a delight that should only be enjoyed when you have the time and presence of mind to indulge and appreciate. Jeni's introduced me once to a passion fruit ice cream that I fell head over heels in love with and then she stopped making it. Beans! :(

Check out the Rambutan....the hairy, hairy Rambutan. Looks like a sea urchin, doesn't it? What's so fascinating about this hairy little ball is the pearl it protects inside.

Just take a knife and gently cut around the middle of the belly and pop off the top to reveal the pearly goodness. It's like a grape without the skin.

As beautiful and elegant as it appears, the taste is not as sweet as the average grape. It's taste is pleasant and mild and absolutely worth the tasting....for the novelty of it, if for nothing else.

When we had our Funky Fruit Tasting Party we could not locate these, so we ate them out of the can.....NOT the same. I was super excited to find these and cut them open. As you can see, they have one almond-sized seed in the center. Don't eat it!

Longans are another fruit at the Funky Fruit Party we couldn't track down at the time, so I was eager to slice these acorn look-a-likes open and reveal the "grape" impostor inside. Again, the everyday grape probably wins for best flavor, but if you happen upon these little nuggets, you must try them!

They have an intriguing looking seed inside them as well. You've got to work for this food, people.

I couldn't resist the Meyer Lemons because I'm a lemon lover! They're just sooooo beautiful!

I bought three chocolate bars and the one below was my FAVORITE!

Vosges is a little pricey, but zoom in on that caramel oozing out and tell me you wouldn't give up six dollars out of your wallet to taste it!

This is what you're looking for.... ♥

These were just a few of the marvelous wonders that we found. Check out a Jungle Jim's near you and enjoy some foodie fun!