Thursday, February 19, 2009

Freshly Whipped Cream Vs. Cool Whip

Both of us girls grew up on Cool Whip and Dream Whip and loved it - who didn't? In fact, it's only been a few short years that we actually made the switch to fresh whipped cream. With that said, once the switch did happen, it was permanent. Besides the obvious superiority in taste, the health benefits of cream over chemicals makes for an easy choice. Today, we're hoping to convince you to make the better choice and choose a real food over a chemically laden product.

Let’s start by painting a few pictures in your head, shall we?

Picture Number One: You, your brain cells and whipped cream.
Your brain cells bathe in fat – it’s a fact. After body fat, brain cell membranes are the next richest storage areas for fat. The most metabolically active parts of the brain are loaded with the Omega-3 fat (DHA).
Every time you pour whipping cream into a mixing bowl, imagine all your brain cells – the ones that help you do math in your head, remember all your children's names and where you put your keys - imagine them swimming, floating, and frolicking in the sea of fresh cream in your head. They are so happy and nourished in their world of Omega-3 rich Fatty Acids.

Picture Number Two: You, your entire body and Cool Whip
Imagine taking in partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, partially hydrogenated coconut oil, sodium casenate (a milk derivative), artificial flavor, and a long list of polymoly-bad stuff. Imagine your whole body drowning in that sea of gunk and garbage that we call hydrogenated and overly processed “food”. Visualize your body calling out for help as it chokes on the sludge. Oh, your poor body – how it struggles to find the energy to get you through your day.

Little dramatic, eh? Yep - that's us! We just hope you consider choosing the tremendous flavor of freshly whipped cream over the chemically based Cool Whip in the future. We hope you never walk to the freezer section, open the door, and grab a tub of Cool Whip without hearing a teeny, tiny, high pitched voice begging you to have mercy on your fabulous functioning body.

If you haven't already, just try whipping your own cream one day and see how easy it is to "whip up" and how naturally good it tastes. Do your kids a favor and turn them into whipping cream snobs, by helping them acquire a taste for the real deal. Your family will appreciate the change. I think Barry, (Jen's hubby) who loves whipped cream, could testify to that!

And if you don't know how, just place a stainless steel bowl and whisk in the freezer to chill. When chilled, pour a cup of cream in the bowl and whisk until the cream starts to thicken. Add a small amount of sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla. Beat until whipped to your liking. More tips....

Your body thanks you!

Coming Tomorrow…. A Lemon Lovers Ultimate Dream Dessert


Chad said...

Jen/Sheri - There's no "vs." necessary in this conversation 'cause it's not even a competition. While we all grew up on the nasty whipped hydrogenated oil mixture, one taste will make anyone switch. I've been successful in switching many over just by introducing real heavy cream. One taste is all it takes. Besides what part of "heavey cream" isn't enticing?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this! I have copied it and have sent it to my mother in law (via the old stamp and envelope way, as she doesn't own and will not own a computer...) so that she will read all the things I have said to her about Cool Whip written by professionals! Can't stand the taste of the stuff. I tell her it tastes like some kind of antibiotic or something. It's scary to think people actually feed their children this concoction and aren't arrested for it! It's real whipped cream ONLY for me!!

Wise Finish said...

Great article - I love it! May hydrogenated vegetable oils (and those that eat them) rest in peace!

Anonymous said...

All chemicals occur naturally if they don't occur naturally then they are made from naturally occurring chemicals. So then what's the big deal with eating cool whip? Sure you have your homemade whipped cream and I have my cool whip. All homemade foods contain chemicals that would scare the daylights out of you it seems.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous "All homemade foods contain chemicals that would scare the daylights out of you it seems". So, you resort to food made in the lab, tht is better? Please enlighten the reader by listing the chemicals one finds in home-made food!

Anonymous said...

i love your article! i agree it is better for you because a lot less fat than cool whip. let your self run free from harmful fats that may contain extra harmful chemicals.

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