Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"The Clean Fifteen"

Jen and I are both big believers in eating organic foods as much as possible and we consider ourselves lucky that we each have the ability and acreage to grow fruits and vegetables right in our own backyards. Jen has more than enough room to plant for and feed an entire army - me, not so much.

Jen and Barry raise their own chickens to get the best tasting and nutrient-rich eggs and if their chickens go on vacation, I try to score some from my sister or my Dad. My brother-in-law is the "go-to guy" for the organic, free-range chickens. He's the BEST because he knows how I feel about ugly chickens, so he guarantees me the cream of the crop.

Several years ago, my dad found a gentleman willing to sell us premium organic beef for the price of conventional beef, so we're crazy about that guy. He's a good man raising his cattle the right way and letting the rest of us reap the benefits. Also, new good friends have offered up their high-quality beef, so we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have all these resources available to us.

Still, eating organically can get expensive - fast! I know sometimes I get caught up in grabbing organic everything without really thinking about whether everything needs to be bought this way. Author Cindy Burke debates organic versus non organic in her book, "To Buy Or Not To Buy Organic" and in it she has two lists: The Clean Fifteen and The Dirty Dozen.

Today, we're going to address the Clean Fifteen because it's quick and easy. These fifteen foods are the foods that are the least likely to contain pesticide residue, even if they are not organically grown. Sometimes it's just not profitable enough to use pesticides on the crop, or maybe the plant has a weird or bitter taste that bugs just don't like. Of course, there are the natural predators who do the work for the farmer. Whatever the reason, these are the fifteen that year after year have showed little or no pesticide residue.

So, if you're trying to eat more organically, but your wallet's a little light, save what money you do have and spend it on the dirty dozen. The Clean Fifteen is where you can buy conventionally and feel okay doing it.

"The Clean Fifteen"

Shelling Peas
Sweet Corn
Watermelon (domestically grown)

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself some shelling peas!

Coming Soon... Zucchini Quesadinnis!!!


Miss Got Wings said...

Hey Ladies! I'm just gettin' over here to check out your new site. Congrats - it's great!!! Can't wait to try some of these tasty treats. The only problem I have is . . . . which one do I try first?

Happy Cooking (and Baking, of course)!

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