Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frozen Lemon Yogurt

We've been hard-core lovers of ice cream - the kind that's overwhelmed with rich chocolate chunks, peanut butter and/or fudgey, gooey, good stuff - for most of our lives. But in the last few years, we've found ourselves ordering flavors that involve more fruit and yogurt - flavors that grab our attention with their pep and pizazz.

Please don't misunderstand - we have not abandoned the wonderful world of ice cream, but now that we are in our thirties, we have matured and so has our taste buds. We now have a greater appreciation for the fabulous flavor of Zing!

And zing is what you get with this simple Frozen Lemon Yogurt. It's flavor is so intense and alive, it's practically bursting at the seams.

If you don't like lemon that walks right up and punches you square in the face, then this dessert might not be for you. It packs a fabulous punch of flavor that you'll feel throughout your whole body, so if you're not up for that kind of powerful experience, check back in tomorrow and we'll dial it down a bit.

Now, for those of you ready and excited to experience the "Zing Factor" I sure hope you have an ice cream maker. If you don't, you're going to need to borrow your neighbor's. Tell them you'll mow their lawn or watch their dog - whatever it takes! Better yet, promise them some Frozen Lemon Yogurt!

Lemon Frozen Yogurt

Two Cups Plain Yogurt
Six Tablespoons Lemon Juice (preferably freshly squeezed or Santa Cruz concentrate)
1/4 Teaspoon Grated Lemon Zest
One Cup Sugar

Mix those four ingredients together until sugar is dissolved. Place in ice cream maker for 20 minutes. Remove from ice cream maker and place in freezer container and let freeze overnight.

Remove Frozen Lemon Yogurt from the freezer, open the lid, grab a spoon, and prepared to be punched - and like it!


BUT, what if you didn't want the fun to end there? What if you had a brilliant flash of genius? What if you grabbed a box of Vanilla Wafers and smeared a large glob of your newly created frozen yogurt between two of them and created a mini sandwich of zing? How cool and absolutely delicious would that be?!

Just imagine what it would feel like to hold the mini zing stingers between your fingers....YUM.MEE!

Do you know what else tastes great between two of these organic vanilla wafers? The smooth, creamy filling from the Sensational Lemon Roll Jen made me for my birthday. I used the filling as an icing for a lemon layered cake I made for my nephew's birthday. When I had some left over, I gently spooned some of it between two of the wafers and froze them. They were deelish!!!

Coming Soon..... A Fabulous Pastistio


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This looks really good, I can't wait to try it.

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