Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mango And Tomato Salad with Curry and Basil Dressing

We bet you never made this one before!

Tomatoes and Mangoes brought together by curry and basil?

We never could have dreamt this one up on our own! In fact, I think it's safe to say that had we seen it in a cookbook we would NOT had thought, "Yumm-Mee! That sounds good." But that's the beauty of friends having parties and introducing us to new and exciting treasures. They serve it, we taste it, we're surprised by it, we love it, and then we go out and shout to all the world about our new and intriguing find.

That's how it works.

Mango and Tomato Salad with Curry and Basil Dressing

4 Ripe Plum Tomatoes
One Large Ripe Mango
1-1/2 Tablespoons Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
One Teaspoon White Wine Vinegar
Pinch of Curry Powder
4-6 Large Basil Leaves
Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper to taste

Core the tomatoes and cut into 1/2 inch wedges. Cut the mango from the pit in 1/2 inch slices. Remove from the skin with a small knife. Arrange alternating slices of mango and tomato on a plate.

Using a mortar and pestle, combine the olive oil, white wine vinegar, curry powder, basil leaves, and salt and pepper, pulverizing the basil leaves, Drizzle the dressing over the mangoes and tomatoes and serve immediately.
Note: You can make this dressing in an electric chopper or with julienned basil, but it won't have the same beautiful green color.

Another Note: Patty served this Salad last at our Tomato Tasting Party making it our dessert for the day (because the day was all about tomatoes) and as much as we liked this fresh and tangy delight, WE are not at that place in our lives to accept a dish such as this as dessert. We ourselves would serve this as an enticing appetizer to wet the palate and serve Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake for dessert - but that's just us......and maybe ALL of you!

Coming Soon for your Labor Day Weekend......Buffalo Chicken Strips and Creamy Cucumbers


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