Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to Make Food Disappear

It's Christmastime, which means lots of parties and lots of food. Here is your quick reminder on how to make the food you bring to a party or serve at your own magically disappears. Learn how to bring an empty plate home every time!

If you were at a party and a waiter approached you with a tray of Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake slices in the typical, triangular shape, like the one pictured above and right behind him was another waiter with a tray of single-bite square pieces of that same cheesecake, like the one pictured below, which would you choose?


I'll answer for you. You would choose the bite-size portion. You many want the whole slice, but you most likely will not commit or indulge in a whole slice. Now, if the choice had been between a normal slice and no slice at all, then you may have deliberated a bit...

"Omigosh.. That looks amazing! I would really love a piece of that cheesecake, but I don't know that I should. I'm not really hungry, but it's calling out to me. It looks soooo delicious... If I could just have a bite or two........"

Don't tell me you haven't had this conversation with yourself at a gala or family gathering or holiday party, because we've all been there. But, once a small, bite-sized piece of something divine is placed in front of us, our first thought is, "I'll just have one." And then we have two!

If you want your food to disappear at a party, make the food petite. Whether it's cookies, brownies, carrot sticks, zucchini bread slices, meatballs, or cheese on a tray - Shrink. It. Down!
Whatever it is you're selling, make it a size no one can say no to. No one wants to make a commitment to eating another large meatball or monster cookie, but I challenge you to find a live, breathing human - or dog - who can pass up that last little runt of a brownie on the plate.

What you really want is for people to be disappointed when your culinary "creation" is all gone. Actually, I personally prefer that they're a little devastated. If they only got one taste of the indescribable goodness, they'll dream of the next time they can experience that goodness again. You will have created a fiery frenzy around your food that will still be blazing long after the party is over.

Sure, it may blow up your ego - everybody raving about your culinary wizardry, but the real winners here are the ones you are cooking for. When you give them just one morsel of something delicious, you are helping them to treasure the moment, savor the flavor, and appreciate the magic.

Save them from overindulging because nobody ever feels good about that! Help your family and friends get the most enjoyment from your food by creating the best possible experience for them.

Apply the same theory when hosting a dinner party at your home. When it comes to the dessert, NEVER, EVER serve anyone - especially the person you most want to impress - a second piece of dessert. Even if they beg - don't do it. It's not as if you're letting them go hungry - they're just wanting more of the Deelish-Dish. Let them go home, crawl into bed, and dream sweet, sinful dreams about the wonderful experience they just had. Leave them wanting more and they'll be back. And when they do sit down at your table again, they'll be primed and ready to savor every single, magnificent bite, because NOW they know the magic is only for a moment - and then it's gone!



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