Monday, December 21, 2009

Rosemary Skewers

It's that wonderful time of year...the time of year when you can bust out all of your "extra-special" recipes for all the fun parties you'll be attending. Every year, we look for a new, special appetizer because we get bored easily. Yes...sad but true. We don't like to make the same things over and over again, no matter how amazing they might be. There are just too many recipes out there that need their time in the spotlight, and we figure we're just the gals to do it.

This appetizer made it's debut for our Bunco holiday party. I came across it in a BHG special holiday edition featuring appetizers and drinks for holiday parties. It had everything I was looking for...simple ingredients, quick to put together, wonderfully festive-looking, and cheese. You will never disappoint people with cheese. (Well, unless they have a dairy intolerance...but that's beside the point!)

Needless to say, these babies were a hit! And even better...they look like you really fussed over them, when really they went together in no time! Try these out for an upcoming party, folks...and watch your guests mentally RSVP to your next party before you've even planned it!

Olive-Pepperoni Kabobs

(12 ) 5-inch rosemary stems
(12) 4x1 inch rectangles of thinly sliced provolone
(12) 2-inch diameter rounds of thinly sliced pepperoni
(12) pitted kalmata olives

Begin by stripping the leaves from the rosemary stems, leaving 1 inch of foliage at one end of each stem. Fold a piece of provolone and thread it onto the skewer, then a piece of pepperoni, then an olive on the end. Serve on a decorative plate...that's it! How's that for easy?


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