Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wingin' It With Chicken

What if you came home from work one night and decided you just didn't feel like playing by the rules when it came to making dinner? What if you're single? What if you're not, but the family isn't home and you're the only one eating? What if it's just you in the kitchen and you can make whatever you want? What WOULD you do?

Go crazy, we hope!

Have fun and explore the possibilities!

Sometimes we don't feel like reading from a recipe and following it to the letter, so we 'wing it'.

Today, we're Wingin' it With Chicken.

Open the fridge and find some crazy sauce to bathe the chicken in. Do you see that Thai Chili Sauce on the top shelf, way in the back, behind the jar of dill pickles? Grab that and dump a big blob of it into your wok or skillet. Fire up the heat and let's get things going.

Start by cutting the chicken breast into pieces - whatever size you like - and drop them into the sizzling sauce. Go back into the fridge, open the veggie crisper and see what you find there. We spy a beautiful red pepper sitting right next to a large red onion - grab them both. On a clean cutting board, start chopping away at these vegetables until you think it looks like enough to compliment the chicken. Add them to the fire.

Okay! Let's see what's in the freezer - besides ice cream!

Right there, in front of your face is some frozen corn - that'll work - grab that! Open her up and dump some in. Stir everything together, add a dash of salt and a pinch of pepper and cover it with a lid to keep all the heat and moisture inside.

When the chicken is sufficiently cooked and the veggies have softened, lower the heat and add just a tablespoon or two of light cream into the mix - just enough to create a slight sauce. needs something else.

Open the fridge again. What kind of cheese do you have in the drawer?

Asiago? - yum! Grab some Asiago and sprinkle that in. Now, mix it all together and then have yourself a taste. Whoa! - it's a little sweet and a little spicy, but that cheese makes it "just right".

Yum! Yum! Good Job!

See! Who needs rules when you can Wing it?


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