Thursday, July 23, 2009

Let's Make Some Greek Yogurt


You could buy greek yogurt, but you can just as easily make it. Why would you want to do that, you ask? Why not? It's easy and it makes itself overnight - like magic!

So, buy yourself a large carton of plain whole milk yogurt or lowfat yogurt. Pour a good two cups into a strainer as it sits atop a bowl. Place in the refrigerator overnight, dream sweet and goofy dreams, and then wake up to magically made Greek Yogurt. You'll be amazed by the thickness and fantastic creaminess of the yogurt and you'll notice all the healthy whey liquid that has collected down below. Do NOT discard that whey - it's seriously healthy stuff and we're going to put it to good and yummy use very soon. That whey contains many of the most important vitamins and nutrients found in yogurt, so pour it into a nice glass container with a lid and respectfully put it back in the fridge for when we make Whey Peachy Pancakes for breakfast- coming soon!

But first, we're going use the Greek Yogurt in a delicious pasta recipe. A variation of this recipe uses sour cream and it is divine, BUT it calls for a whole cup of sour cream, so it better taste good, right? Just for a moment though, reflect on the facts provided by Stoneyfield Farms down below and then we'll continue....

Calories In one cup
Sour Cream 492
Mayonnaise 1540
Whole Milk Yogurt 180
LowFat Yogurt 120

Total Fat in One Cup
Sour Cream 48 grams
Mayonnaise 176 grams
Whole Milk Yogurt 9 grams
LowFat Yogurt 2 Grams

We are NOT opposed to using sour cream, but it's always exciting to consider tasty and healthy alternatives and that's what we're talking about today. Using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream is a great way to still enjoy fabulous flavor and save some serious calories! Besides the calorie factor, sometimes we like to strain our yogurt before we make our Frozen Lemon Yogurt simply because it makes it a tad richer and creamier.

So, tune in tomorrow for Yogurt and Chive Pasta. It is a simple, easy, quick, and oh-so flavorful pasta that you'll love to make! And then in a couple days, we'll use that priceless whey with it's special tangy flavor to make the best peach pancakes you've ever had!

Prepare to be surprised!


Kate said...

Great! I love eating Fage, but it's so pricey. This is a great alternative. Who knew it was so easy to make greek yogurt?

Sheri said...

Who Knew?! Stay tuned the next couple days, Kate and you'll get to use your newly made Greek yogurt in two exciting recipes! By the way, every person who tries your Goat Cheese Burgers with Onion Jam freaks out over them. Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us!

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