Sunday, September 6, 2009

Magic Mango Cutting Trick

Looks like a beautiful flower, doesn't it? A flowering mango, maybe.

If you remember, our gregarious newcomer to the Tasting Parties, Teri brought us a box full of magnificent mangoes. When she offered them up to us, I was completely excited. When Patty asked if we wanted to see a demonstration on how to cut the mango, I said, "sure!", but was secretly thinking, "How tricky is this process that we need a demonstration?"

Patty even commented that I may want to take pictures to document the "procedure" to share with all of you. At first I agreed, but after the first two steps, it all seemed a little too mundane to be photographing, so I stopped and just observed.

She took us through each step as I politely followed along and I found it to be very helpful because I can tell you that I would have butchered the poor thing had she not demonstrated the proper way to do it, but still I would not had labeled the experience as "WOW!". That is until she revealed the magic trick at the end.


I was like a little kid at a clown show - grinning from ear to ear - thrilled and amazed at what I had just seen.

She took a plain looking fruit - no offense Mr.Mango - made a few slices with the knife and then Wa-La....Magic!

Now, I want to share that magic with you!

So.... Here is our plain looking Mr. Mango sitting tall side up. We don't want him lying on his side, we want him tall.

Using a large and killer sharp knife (maybe not killer sharp) cut the mango's sides off, getting as close to the seed as you can. If you're really doing it right, you might feel the side of the stone ( the mango has a large seed/stone). If you feel the knife graze the stone, just glide around it and follow through on your cut through the fruit.

Setting the two sides aside, pick up the middle piece and using the knife, peel away the skin - trying your best not the take much of the fruit with you. Then just chip away the fleshy mango from the stone until only the stone is left. In the photo below, you notice the large seed/stone in front, followed by the bites of mango, and then the peel that you'll discard to the compost.

THEN, take one of the sides in your hand, just like below, and score the fruit with your knife, making a crisscross pattern.

Then, use your fingers to push up from the bottom slowly.....

Keep pushing up.....


The Magic Mango Trick!

Was it as good for you as it was for me?


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