Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Potato Pancakes and Sauerkraut

Hey! Food Alert!

Today is International Pancake Day!!

How 'bout that!? And it just so happens we have a pancake recipe for just this ever-so-special occasion! It's not your everyday pancake - there's no maple syrup involved - but who wants an ordinary pancake on such an extraordinary day such as International Pancake Day!?

Remember our Potato Tasting Party??......

As promised, here are the wonderful and savory pancakes we first tasted at the Potato Party last weekend. They weren't heavy but they were filling, which is a wonderful kitchen trick. I believe Patty brought this recipe home from Germany, which totally explains the sauerkraut!

GenieBen Sie!

Potato Pancakes

3 Medium Red Potatoes, cut in pieces
One Medium Onion, chopped
3 Eggs
Olive Oil
Sour Cream

In blender or food processor, blend first 3 ingredients until smooth. Cook in oil in skillet at low heat until browned on both sides. You want these pancakes to cook slow so the potatoes get a chance to warm all the way through.....so patience will be required. Top with warmed sour cream and sauerkraut.

That's it! All done! Short and sweet...and delicious!


Did you notice there are no seasonings mentioned, such as salt and pepper? That's because such seasonings threaten to mess with the flavor of the sauerkraut and we don't want to mess with a flavor as distinct as sauerkraut. As our good friend and naturopath, Patty reminds us regularly, it is important to get protein at every meal, so adding a little turkey sausage to the kraut would be a great way to make this a balanced breakfast.....or lunch...or even dinner.

All we can tell you is that it was a solid hit at our Potato Tasting Party so we are highly recommending that you try some potato pancakes of your own.

We are confident that you will come up with many different variations of this recipe, as possibilities of toppings and seasonings are endless....Impress yourself!

Celebrate this day RIGHT by eating pancakes for dinner!


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