Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

The first time I ate these pancakes I was in Indiana visiting my brother's family, on a Saturday, in the fall, and it was sunny outside. I remember the details of that day because food does that to me. I remember sitting in the dining room when a wonderful smell entered the room. It smelled like baked sweetness. I said, "What is cooking in the kitchen?"

"Cottage Cheese Pancakes" was the reply.


These pancakes were so moist and so wonderful with just a hint of sweetness that maple syrup for me, was not a necessity. ( Jen, The Pancake Master is totally freaking out right now because warm maple syrup is a no-brainer in her book and I'm sure most of you would agree.) All I'm saying is these pancakes did not need it. Call me crazy, but I like to first taste the cake and then assess the need for added sweetness.

What's even better is the speed at which these pancakes can be made. If you can't whip up this batter in the time it takes to heat up your skillet or griddle, then someone should light a fire under your butt, because I can throw all the ingredients together and blend them into the perfect batter and still be staring at the stove waiting for the temperature to be just right. This is a feat anyone can accomplish, so challenge yourself!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Four Eggs
One Cup Cottage Cheese
1/2 Cup Oats
One Tablespoon Vanilla
One Teaspoon Almond Extract (optional, I suppose)
Milk (optional)

Drop eggs, cottage cheese, oats, vanilla, and almond extract into your blender. Blend until all oats are dust. Done!

I have made this recipe for years using 1/2 cup oat flour instead of oats, but the rest of my family makes it the original way with the rolled oats. Choose your own path...

As far as I am concerned, the ingredient most responsible for the flavor in these pancakes is the cottage cheese, which is probably why the pancakes are named after him, but choose your cottage cheese wisely. Low fat, low quality, poor tasting cheese will result in low fat, low quality, poor tasting cakes. Choose your best cheese....

Milk is optional because you can add it if you feel the pancake batter is too thick. I have never used it myself. These pancakes have a crepe quality and I have never seen the need to thin them further.

The vanilla and almond extract really makes this recipe sing! Do NOT deny yourself

Wow! For such a simple recipe, there sure is a lot to say.....


Amy said...

My family loves these pancakes. They are yummy to eat and so easy to make!

Jen said...

I am so glad that you specified not to get low-quality low-fat cottage cheese because I would have done EXACTLY that and I would have omitted the almond extract too because I don't have any in my kitchen...and sadly, I would have blamed you for giving us a crappy recipe! Wow, did I really just admit that!? :O) BUT...since you gave the extra info I promise to buy the good stuff and even the almond extract and then make them just as you said and then I will decide if you gave us a crappy recipe or not! ha ha.just kidding...everything here I try is delish!
I am making out my weekly meal plan and taking ALL my meals from your blog this week! It's a party in the pantry in the Jones house baby!

Sheri said...

You're going to love these Jen and you're going to thank us once you have that almond extract in your kitchen b/c it's so good in so many things! Enjoy your breakfast cakes!!!
Oh, and if we ever give you a crappy recipe..we wanna hear about it! :)

Jen said...

Sheri, making them right now!!! Woohoo-excited! And guess what, after I spent the $4 for the pure almond extract (not imitation) I got home to put it in my spice cabinet and I HAD ONE ALREADY! who knew!?! I also bought REAL cottage cheese. to the kitchen I go...!

Kuckie said...

Jen - You will absolutely love these!!! My kids think they are the bomb! They're really good with fruit on top too...although you can never go wrong with real maple syrup!

llatier said...

Thanks for sharing this great recipe. I some again today and my kids loved them too!

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